Katie Mettler, News

Katie is the co-chair for news of the Post Guild, the union that represents The Washington Post newsroom where she works as a national general assignment reporter. She is also on the guild's bargaining committee. Like many others in guild leadership, her love for unions is a family thing.

Katie loves working for The Post, too, which is why she thinks fighting to make it the best possible version of itself is so important. Our company leads the industry with its journalism. It should also strive to set the example for how newsroom’s treat their journalists.

Send her an email kemettler@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @kemettler

David DeJesus, Commercial

Dave hails from Chicago, and lived and worked in New York prior to joining The Post in 1993. At The Post Dave has worked in sales, covering advocacy and public policy advertising, and the financial, education and healthcare ad categories, and a stint in advertising sales management.

He has see the tremendous expansion at The Post in the early 90’s and the overall contraction during the “downturn years” at The Post in the late 2000’s, and understands the power of collective bargaining to preserve jobs and benefits.

Dave has been a proud supporter of the Guild for more than 20 years and enjoys representing the employees of The Post and helping to level the playing field between management and the workforce.

You can reach Dave at davemdejesus@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @davedejesus

Vice chairs

Justin Moyer, News

Justin came to The Post as a copy aide in 2008 as we were winning Pulitzers and laying off longtime employees. He became a reporter not long after the Bezos sale, and was part of an organizing drive that brought more than 100 members into our union in the past two years.

Inspired by his grandfather, who helped unionize a Goodrich tire factory in Phoenixville, Pa., decades ago, Justin now serves as treasurer of our Local, helping make sure the hundreds of thousands of dollars in dues that Post members send to the union annually are well spent.

Email Justin at justinmoyer@gmail.com.

Pat Jacob, Commercial

Pat has worked in The Post’s advertising department for more than 20 years, and has always been a Guild member. She has witnessed the collective power of union workers confronting and resolving problems in our workplace. “We are the true voice of fairness and have always been committed to helping our sisters and brethren when needed.”

You can reach Pat at plj713@yahoo.com


Hau Chu

Hau started at The Post in 2015 delivering papers and sorting mail as a copy aide, so he understands the needs of overlooked workers throughout the newsroom. He is now an editorial aide in Features and writes about interesting things to do around the District. As a devoted union member, he was part of the recent organizing effort to recruit and energize employees for a louder voice at the bargaining table.

Email him at hauchu@gmail.com or find him on pretty much any social media @hauchu

Steward Network

Sarah Kaplan, chief steward

Sarah is a science reporter and the Chief Steward for the guild, which means she’s responsible for recruiting new members and making sure that everyone can lean on the guild in times of need. Nearly five years after she first arrived at the Post as an intern for Style, the thrill of sitting down at her desk each morning hasn’t worn off. But she’s also eager to help make the Post a better and fairer place to work.

You can find Sarah at her desk, surrounded by nerdy science books, on twitter at @sarahkaplan48 and by email at sarahkaplan48@gmail.com

Diversity + Equity Committee

Alice Li, co-chair

Alice is a video journalist and vice-chair for Equity and Diversity for the Post Guild. She came to The Post in 2014 as an intern and has stuck around ever since. As someone who has lived in China for several years, Alice recognizes the power of having unions advocating for their workers. It’s a privilege she doesn’t take lightly. That’s why she is so excited to serve in this capacity and can’t wait to hear all of your ideas for what this committee can do for you.

You can email her at alice.li2014@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @byaliceli

Sophie Ho, co-chair

Sophie is a newsroom audience analyst and a vice-chair for the Equity and Diversity committee for the Post Guild. She joined The Post in 2016 as an intern on the audience engagement team, and was most recently the operations editor in National and Politics. She is passionate about creating an equitable and diverse work environment and believes in the power of mentorship to pave the way. Sophie is a San Francisco Bay Area native and is always on the quest for good Vietnamese food in the DMV region.

Email her at sophanho@gmail.com or DM @sophanho on Twitter.

Overnight chair

Lynn Olson, Vice Chair for Nightside

Lynn started work at The Post in 2004 on the night news desk and moved to the night homepage team in 2009. She joined the Guild immediately after starting work at The Post, inspired by the example of her father, who was a union steward for the John Deere factory in her hometown. Growing up, she saw the importance of the union to her dad and the people he worked with, and she wanted to be part of advocating for her coworkers, just as he did for his.

Email her at olsonldsm@gmail.com.

Chair Emeritus

Fredrick Kunkle

Freddy Kunkle joined The Washington Post and the Guild in February 2000, as might be expected of the grandson of a union organizer who worked with Walter Reuther in Detroit. In 2009, he became the union’s co-chair for news — a role he served in for a decade. During that time, Freddy led bargaining committees that negotiated four collective bargaining agreements with both the Graham family and the Post’s current owner, Jeff Bezos.

He has covered cops, courts, government, Maryland and Virginia politics and transportation, and he has written features on topics ranging from luxury pet hotels to Santa’s firing. He contributed to coverage of Russia’s invasion of Georgia, the Arab Spring movement in Egypt, and the early days of the separatist conflict in Ukraine.

Email him at goldstraw@comcast.net and find him on Twitter at @KunkleFredrick

Rick Ehrmann, Post Guild representative

Rick Ehrmann, a member of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild staff since 1998, is a long-time labor activist in the Washington-Baltimore area and has been the primary representative and chief negotiator for The Washington Post Guild since 2002. He also represents members at American Nurses Association, In These Times, Center for Popular Democracy, National Association of Social Workers and other media and non-profit organizations.

Prior to Rick’s WBNG work, he served as organizer, representative, and vice president of District 1199E, Hospital and Health Care Employees, SEIU for many years, negotiating contracts at Georgetown University and Hospital, Maryland General Hospital, Capitol Hill Hospital and numerous nursing homes. Rick also served 1199E as a Maryland statehouse lobbyist, helping to secure passage of the geriatric nursing assistants’ certification bill. Rick has represented his unions as a delegate to the Baltimore and Washington DC labor councils.

Email him at Rehrmann@wbng.org.