Sign the Guild's petition to demand hiring priority for laid-off Express employees

In the past week, members of the Post Guild have demonstrated what being part of a union is all about.

When 20 of our Post Express editorial colleagues and at least one person from commercial were abruptly laid off, Washington Post employees led by the Post Guild rallied around them in spectacular fashion. We raised nearly $1,400 to fund goodbye drinks and food and compiled a long list of job opportunities for those now seeking new employment.

We’re not done yet.

Had the company allowed Express workers to join the union that covers other Post journalists, it would be required to attempt to rehire those who were laid off. The Post Guild is demanding that The Washington Post abide by guaranteeing hiring priority for anyone affected by the Express shutdown. We encourage readers and supporters of Express to do the same.

The Post Guild is determined to ensure that employees at this company are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. Please add your name to this petition, and join us in calling on The Washington Post to do what is right.

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