You just got a pay raise!

Union siblings:

If you're wondering why you just got an email from Post HR saying your salary has changed, it's because Part Two of our Guild-negotiated cost of living raise kicked in today.

Our union secured this pay increase a year ago during contract negotiations. *Per the contract (pg. 15), Guild-covered employees were guaranteed a flat raise upon ratification last summer, and again one year later -- which is today. The increase is $15/week for salaried employees and $.40/hour for part-time workers -- a total of $30/week and $.80/hour over the two-year duration of the contract.*

It's not huge, but it's something, especially if you didn't get a merit raise this year. So celebrate! And remember that the stronger we are come January, when bargaining begins again, the better cost-of-living raise we can negotiate into our next contract.

You can view the full contract on our new website: And if you haven't yet joined the union, please do so today by emailing us at Remember, recruiters get a finder's fee of $25 for every new person you bring into the guild.

Happy Thursday,

Katie Mettler, Co-Chair (News)

Justin Moyer, Vice-Chair (News)

P.S. While we're talking about money, you should know that we're in the process of analyzing salary data from the company and plan to publish an updated pay study this fall. Stay tuned for details, and let us know if you're interesting in helping.

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